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Baha'i Community of Longmont, Colorado
Date:   May 26th, 2019


Baha'i Reference Library

The Bahá’í Reference Library is the authoritative online source of Bahá’í writings. It contains selected works of Bahá’u’lláh, The Báb, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Shoghi Effendi and the Universal House of Justice, as well as other Bahá’í texts.

Baha'i Prayers

The Bahá’í Prayers Web Site was created as a celebration of the beauty of the Bahá'í scriptures. It began in 1998 as a “Year of Service” volunteer project, the site has since grown to include prayers in more than fifty languages. Many kind people and Bahá’í institutions from around the world have helped along the way.

Baha'iQ Glossary with Pronounciation

Glossary with Pronounciation - The Bahá’í Glossary is a collaborative project started by Alan Underwood and Jeremy Hanna, and has been the beneficiary of the voice and counsel of Bahiyyih Young. Both Alan and Jeremy are second generation Bahá’ís who managed to reach adulthood without being able to correctly pronounce the vast majority of the Persian and Arabic words contained in the English translations of the Bahá’í writings

Since the acquisition of language is first and foremost an exercise in hearing and mimicking sound patterns, it only made sense that a teaching tool designed to help correct the problem would allow the user to hear the words as pronounced by native speakers. In this way English speaking Bahá’ís could begin the process of learning the correct, or at least the reasonably correct, pronunciation of these words.

Baha'i Distribution Service

The Bahá'í Distribution Service (BDS) is an agency of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the United States. Through our two online stores – and -- our customers can today choose from thousands of print and eBook titles (including many free) in several world languages, as well as digital media in a variety of formats. Whether you are looking for a favorite Bahá’í book, the latest teaching material, the newest bestseller in the Bahá'í world, a CD or DVD, an entire downloadable audio book, or an instant download of a single mp3 of inspirational music, we're your one-stop source.

Baha'i Service for the Blind

The Bahá'í Service for the Blind was established over sixty years ago and is a committee of the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States. Its purpose is to provide the literature of the Faith in mediums which can be used by those individuals whose physical or mental handicaps prevent them from using normal print. To this end the Service for the Blind produces materials in Braille, Large Print and digital MP3 format.


iMemorize -- A fun and easy way to memorize RUHI Study Circle quotations ... With three game types:

  • Hide Words
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Reveal Words

Online RUHI Study Circle quotation memorization tool plus free downloadable ios and Android apps

Month of ‘Aẓamat / Grandeur

Would that thou wert present before Our throne to hear from the Tongue of Grandeur itself that which thou desirest and scale the loftiest heights of knowledge by the grace of Him Who is the All-Knowing, the All-Wise! The ungodly, however, have intervened between us. Take heed lest thou be grieved thereby. Be content with that which hath been ordained by an irrevocable decree, and be of them that endure with patience.

-- Bahá’u’lláh »   The Summons of the Lord of Hosts, Pages 141-159: gr30 »



         A Good Read:

Book cover for The Purpose of Physical Reality

Several members of our community are reading "The Purpose of Physical Reality" by John S. Hatcher

According to well-known Bahá'í author, scholar, and educator John Hatcher, the world is a classroom designed by God to instigate and nurture mental and spiritual growth. The Purpose of Physical Reality examines the components of this classroom to show how everyday experience leads to spiritual insight. Viewing life in this way, we can learn to appreciate the overall justice of God's plan and the subtle interplay between human free will and divine assistance in unleashing human potential. The idea of physical reality as a divine teaching device not only prepares us for further progress in the life beyond, it also provides practical advice about how to attain spiritual and intellectual understanding while we are living on earth.

Did You Know? ...

Baha’u’llah’s Revelation affirms that the purpose of our lives is to know God and to attain His presence. Our true identity is our rational soul, whose free will and powers of understanding enable us to continually better ourselves and our society. Walking a path of service to God and to humanity gives life meaning and prepares us for the moment the soul separates from the body and continues on its eternal journey towards its Maker.

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